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Acupuncture at Bayside NY


Keep ON Healthy, Keep ON Smile 

Acupuncture, How does it work?

From a modern scientific perspective, stimulation of acupuncture meridian points causes the release of nervous- system chemicals in our brain, spinal cord, and muscles that help restore the body's ability to heal naturally. 

These chemicals provide tremendous health benefits, whether it is influencing your body to heal more quickly, or simply altering how you may be experiencing your pain. Regardless, the healing and regenerative properties of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine are truly amazing; the only way to find out if acupuncture is the perfect treatment plan for you is to give it a try. 

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine are safe, effective and drug-free therapies that can help address a wide variety of common ailments and problems. 

Acupuncture points with meridians
Herbs distribute chest.

Personal Care

ON Acupuncture Clinic is an acupuncture center specializing in providing personal care for a variety of ailments to get you back to your normal life. If you have been struggling with chronic pain, our experienced and licensed acupuncturist can take care of your pain through acupuncture for relieving pain. Feel free to get in touch with us today.

Close-up Of Therapist Hand Performing Acupuncture Therapy on Woman's Back


Dr. Chun is a great doctor! He is very understanding and listens to my concerns. He combines expertise and willingness to listen, explain and discuss patiently. I found his treatment very effective as my symptoms have substantially improved. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for acupuncture treatment.

Sahle Deneke 

Dr. Chun is a highly professional acupuncturist. He has taken great care of my family, he is a kind and caring person to speak with and a great listener. Just after a few visits with Dr. Chun, our family got better and healed faster than expected, I believe it’s due to the atmosphere and his approached dealing with his patients. I highly recommend Dr. Chun, I also strongly believe that you will not be disappointed with your results.

Emilie Brutus

10/10 would recommend. Great and extremely effective treatment! Really nice and welcoming staff and my experience was very comfortable!

Robin Lim

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